Our next Advanced Level Training for VIPP Facilitators and Trainers will happen from May 10 to 15 in 2020 in St. Ulrich (Black Forest – Germany).

Registration will open in summer 2019.

Come and participate in the Advanced Creative Workshop in May 2020. Become part of a growing VIPP community of practitioners.
Deadline for registration: 1 of March 2020



USA & SE-Asia

The VIPP Core Team is organising in September 2019 a VIPP Training in English language at the Pocono Environmental Education Center in Pennsylvania, USA, with the trainer team Barbara Whitney, Maruja Salas, Ana Pizano and Timmi Tillmann.

Look into the announcement for the description and registration process:

vipp tof_usa_ description_012510

We have plans to organise a VIPP Training end of 2019 in SE-Asia. If you are interested please contact us. We will announce separately once the announcements are published.

Black Forest

We finished the Advanced VIPP Training on Creative Facilitation with priorities on Gender issues, Intercultural Dialogue, Democratic Action and Creativity to design attractive group events (training, meetings, planning, design,  action oriented conferences) we have organised from 20 to 25 of May 2018 in St. Ulrich (Black Forest – Germany) in cooperation with the St. Ulrich Monastery Training Center.

Through the process of Action-Reflection-Action, participants learned to:

> Develop creative facilitation skills with a small group of fellow facilitators and trainers involved in designing and practicing new methods, formats and uses of Visualization in Participatory Programmes (VIPP)

> Refresh or update skills in the art of VIPP facilitation (visualization, intercultural dialogue, group dynamics among others)

> Design individually a thematic session applying innovative and creative tools.

Some of the participants are planning to join again in next year’s TOT wishing to continue the deep reflections on Facilitation and Training. Most welcome.


The VIPP Core Team has established the following procedure for certifying VIPP Facilitator Trainers (in specific languages) as requested by the UN:

  1.   Successful participation in a basic VIPP Training of 5 days.
  2.   Attendance of an Advanced Training Workshop in the selected language
  3.   Taking part as co-trainer in a VIPP Training (with coaching)
  4.   The Core Team then extends the VIPP Trainer Certificate, which leads to signing an agreement to document VIPP events and share the experiences with the growing VIPP Community.

ASIA 2018

Sichuan, PR China June and July 2018

The Sichuan NGO Shuguang has organised 2 VIPP Training Courses in June and July 2018. The first one from June 28 to 30 in the city of Chengdu for young staff dedicated to social work emphasising visualisation and facilitation skills.

The second one at Fawang Si (Temple) in Hejiang County south of Chengdu near to Guizhou province from July 2 to 7, 2018 as part of the rural development training program focusing on participatory village planning, project management and VIPP facilitation. The VIPP Core Team is providing coaching for this local training, which is organised by a team of 5 senior and junior trainers.

There will be published a Chinese language VIPP Manual.



The next Spanish VIPP Training was organised in Barranco – Lima end of 2018 (Spanish). Contact Maja Tillmnn at <maja.tillmann(at)gmx.net>

The latest Spanish language VIPP Training was held in November2018 for the Professors-Lecturers of Arequipa University in Peru

From 23 to 28 of April 2017 we held the VIPP training workshop in Cusco, Peru in cooperation with Center Bartolomé de las Casas. Trainer Team was Maruja Salas, Maja Tillmann and Gilmar Santisteban. The participants designed an image of the ideal facilitator.








In November 2017 the VIPP Team Maruja, Maja, Gilmar and Timmi trained for 5 days up to 40 professors and lecturers from the National University of Arequipa about participatory teaching methods (avoiding powerpoints and topdown classroom teaching).







The Latin American VIPP Team organised a Latin American Summit on 7 and 8 of January 2016 in Quito, Ecuador. Aim was to strengthen the VIPP Facilitation Network in Latin America and to generate creative ideas on how to solve upcoming difficulties in group events and looking into the future of VIPP 3.0 All facilitators are welcome to join!Encuentro_Latinoamericano_Facilitacion_Participativa

Connect with Yasmin Jalil in Quito:


Looking back to the workshops organised in 2016, 2015 and in 2014.




In 2017 we have created the Latin American Platform for Participatory Methods and a pool of trainers for VIPP, Participatory Action Research and Community Video.



Germany: I would like to let you know that I am very thankful to have had such a wonderful week. I learned so much and this training gave me energy to stay on the track of facilitation (which I want so badly ;-)) Kristin G.

India: Thanks for a wonderful VIPP event in St Ulrich and for sharing these final photographs. It was a great experience with all of you. Sagari R.

Honduras: This as a whole was a terrific experience to me.  I feel inspired by all of your experiences and knowledge that we shared during our week at St. Urich. Kenia N.

Scotland: We had a wonderful week with you all in St Ulrich. We arrived home very tired but full of ideas and great memories of new friends and relations made at the training, and the wonderful mountains and woods of the Black Forest. We very much hope to stay in touch over this coming year and learn how the projects develop. Iain McK., Csilla K.

Japan: Thank you so much for the amazing week in St. Ulrich!
I have learned a lot with you (it’s so cliche but true!!), not only the skills but also the philosophy of VIPP; I can hardly wait to apply at my next big journey in February. Bows and smiles from sunny Tokyo Chie A.

Florida: I am renewed and inspired by our shared experience and look forward to staying in touch and continuing to learn with and from each other. Ana P.

USA: Greetings from NYC! Thank you all for a fantastic week. Irit H.




We organized the Advanced VIPP Training on Creative Facilitation from September 27 to October 2, 2015 in St. Ulrich (Black Forest-Germany) with 13 participants coming from 9 countries. We all enjoyed creative facilitation in a pleasant environment in St. Ulrich. Sunny autumn days and several walks in the black forest and in the vineyards at the edge of the Rhine Valley. Precious time.





The Training Center of St. Ulrich Monastery – in the heart of the Black Forest.

We do not offer sponsorship for attending the Training workshops, but for NGOs, representatives of grassroots organisations and members of the VIPP Community of Practice we offer discounts based on specific requests.



we construct our ideal facilitator


SE-Asia VIPP and the role of the facilitator


43 responses

14 06 2007
lissette guerrero

Soy de Republica Dominicana y trabajo en el área de Desarrollo Comunitario. Me gustaria saber cuando tendrán entrenamientos para facilitadores en America Latina y/o Republica Dominicana.

2 07 2007
Dr Aurang Zeib

I,m Dr Zeib working in Save the Children UK Pakistan Programme. One of our intervention areas in very near future is Adolescent Health in Pakistan. I was delighted to see the details of the forthcoming events.
Can I be part of ToF or ToT any where?

How can I get trained from your prestigious Programme?

Dr Zeib
Programme Officer Health

Please look at the events page with forthcoming TOF and TOT

3 09 2007
sseruyange david-

thanks for the good work.
Do you have sponsership for the participants in the training/
I would like to attend

Dear David
you may ask your sponsors to support you as this is useful for your own capacity building – we are a team of trainers, not an institution nor a funding agency. But we can cooperate with you to convince your funders to give additonal funding.
Best regards
VIPP-Community organisers

13 10 2007
Anjana Bhanti

I would like to join the Training of VIPP Trainers (TOT) in the Black Forest – Germany. Is it possible to get trained from your prestigious Programme. I do not know German language.
I am working in an NGO for prevention of hiv/aids. I want to anhance my knoledge in some of your subjects like How to design, organise and run participatory conferences, Uses of groups and plenary, including various group formations; idea generation methods; introduction to games and exercises for various applications; mini-drama and role plays; evaluation and self-assessment skills.
• Visualization skills using various media, including cards and charts,
drawings and diagrammatic representations.
• Group event design skills, such as arriving at objectives, methods, techniques, participant and venue selection, timing, and logistics.
I also want to share my knowledge and experiance in the feeld. I am also a theatre person of 55year of age.
anjana bhan

Dear Anjana
the TOT in the Black Forest is in English language, you do not need to speak German.
I hope you will be able to join the forthcoming event and you can find a sponsor.

1 11 2007
Mr Michael Adedotun Oke

Dear sir,

You are doing a great work across the globe . Keep on the Nice work and wishing you all the best in all your plans in the coming year.

I will appreciate you kind support by including our organnization names as one of the Participant in the Forth coming Training related to agriculture in t he yaer 2008 and notify u sthe registration detials.

Mr Michael Adedotun Oke,
Agric Link Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited,

17 01 2008

Hi, My name is Fargana. i’m from Azerbaijan. I would like to apply this training course. Please give me more information about it. thanks in advance.
Fargana Alibakhshiyeva

Thank you for your interest. We will organise several Training courses this October and November – we will post the announcements soon.
Timmi Tillmann

31 03 2008

I recently used VIPP to build the sitemap for a website. Although I have not had formal VIPP training, I used my experience of participating in workshops that have used VIPP techniques. I am sorry I missed the March-April workshop..but am hoping for another opportunity soon..as I would like to get some formal training so I can use the technique better.

12 06 2008
Moses o. kaser\

very much delighted in your trainiing designs and requesting for a similar opportunity to undergo the training please kindly advise am very much interested .Working in a research set up in an Hiv programme.

13 11 2008
Abdinasir Nohamed

i am researcher of non state actors project implemented by somali research institution named PDRC or visit pdrcsomalia.org.

i would like to attend the upcoming trainig youm offered:
20. – 24. April 2009 – VIPP-Training of VIPP-Facilitators and Trainers – Black Forest, Germany (4.5 days):

28 11 2008
William Nathan Mwaisumo

Hellow Tim & Salas!
I am a Tanzanian working with the Faith based Organization as a Community development officer. The church has a number of Rural development Projects that needs Capacity building and other supports. Would you please add my name as a participant of April 2009 VIPP-TOF beause I need very much to receive such training.

Wishing you all the Best


1 01 2009
Muhammad Arshad

I am working in Lodhran pilot Project LPP Pakistan in rural development. There is any training for me. I am also working as Human Resource Development Coordinator. I wish to become expert in rural development to work for humanity.

with regards

18 09 2009

My supervisor, Caroline Den Dulk, a black belt of VIPP, introduced me to the world of VIPP, and I try to self study from the manual. It would be excellent if you could organize a workshop in Asia, preferably in a beautiful tropical island with white sand beach, so that I can convince my family to attend together!

Keisuke @ UN Viet Nam

There will be an opportunity in the near future, we also love white beaches and we have chosen Langkawi in Malaysia as a possible training place. But we shall do a training in Vietnam first – in March 2010 – may be not on the beach but may be in a beautiful garden.

21 10 2009
Rither Mallewo

My name is Rither Mallewo,Tanzanian lady aged 27, currently working as a water program facilitator in the Catholic Diocese of Mbulu in Tanzania
HIV and AIDS Being a cross cutting issue is included in our program of sensitizing the community on the proper management of their resources.
I have visited your website and being interested to attend the HIV/AIDS COURSE under your program.I would like to apply for the coming workshop on HIV/AIDS

Rither Mallewo

19 01 2010
Misheck Mtuzana

My name is Mtuzana Misheck from Zambia. I would like to find out if the upcoming workshop will be sponsored. I would love to attend the VIPP worshop so that i can learn new techniques on how to train others. Iam involved in a lot of facilitation. I facilitate IT workshops for the community on the Coperbelt, Zambia. How can one get sponsorship and attend the VIPP Community Practice workshop? Please send the necessary information about the upcoming events and on how someone could get sponsorship and attend.

Dear Mtuzana
thank you for your interest to improve your training and facilitation skills. As we are a group of trainers, and not an institution with funding, we can only advise you to find sponsorship from donor agencies, who support capacity building and that you link to a community of practice in your region. It is however recommended that you have a clear idea, how you can use your additional skills aiming for an impact in capacity building of local trainers and communities.
Timmi Tillmann

7 02 2010
Denny Maluti

I am a Zambian aged 31 working for the Government of the republic of Zambia as a Cooperative inspector, under the ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, I would like to be included on your training courses.

Comment by admin:
You may join the Training Courses we offer worldwide just by registering and explaining the future application of the skills as a participatory trainer, which you want to become. You also need to fund yourself or find sponsorship, as the VIPP Community of Practice is a group of trainers (not funders). Thank you for your kind letter.

11 02 2010

I am looking for a facilitator course and cross this web thru Southboard Penang, Malaysia. Ive tried to call seems no one answer the phone as i would like to enquire bout the VIPP course and i am so keen to participate. Please let me know how, when if possibly in Malaysia.

Comment by admin:
Thank you so much for your interest to join. We are planning to hold several courses in Malaysia, either in Bahasa Malayu or in English, in the future. The next English advanced level course shall be early December 2010 here in Penang. We will advertise it before end of March 2010.

9 04 2010
fred owang

I would like to find out if the upcoming workshop will be sponsored. I would love to attend the VIPP workshop so that i can learn new techniques on how to train others. I am involved in a lot of facilitation. I facilitate behavior change and communication workshops for the community in Ugenya, Kenya. How can one get sponsorship and attend the VIPP Community Practice workshop? Please send me the necessary information about the upcoming events and on how someone could get sponsorship and attend.

Dear colleague
we do not offer sponsorship this time – we are a group of trainers who offer training opportunities. You need to look for your sponsorship. Good luck.

9 08 2010
Hon. George Taupyen

I sincerely appreciate the great work you are doing across the globe. wishing you the best in all your plans, keep up the good work. I will appreciate your kind support by including our organization name as one of the participant in the forthcoming training relating to HIV/AIDS and HEALTH. We care Africa development initiative is based in Jos-Plateau state-Nigeria.

Hon. George Taupyen
We Care Africa Development Initiative.
No.6 Agape Complex,
P.O.Box 110,
Langtang North-Jos,
Plateau State-NIGERIA.
Telephone +234-812-805-5555.

12 10 2010
sajjad nadeem

I would like to find out if the upcoming workshop will be sponsored. I would love to attend the workshop so that i can learn new techniques on how to train others. I am involved in a lot of facilitation.

Answer from Timmi Tillmann
As you may have noticed, we are a group of trainers, not a funding agency, so you need to search for your own funding. Often your funders or embassies and their aid programs can manage small amount of funds to sponsor capacity building. Just give it a try.

22 10 2010
Go'ar Dirshik

Please send us detail requirements to take part in the upcoming trainings. Our organization wishes to be one of the TRAINERS. We have embarked in several other training workshop for Organizations and individuals.
Thanks for your anticipated response.

Comment by Timmi: Please contact me if you are interested to register for the future training workshops on VIPP. We do not provide funding, but you can contact your own funding organisations to be able to join fascinating trainers from all over the world, who gather at St. Ulrich Monastery Training Center near Freiburg in SW-Germany.

5 11 2010
Simasiku N. Ketty


I am a Zambian Social worker currently studying for my BA in Development studies and Sociology with the university of Zambia, i do part time work in the area of HIV, OVC, Gender and youth programmes.

I will be grateful if you gave me an opportunity to take part in the 2011 trainings.

Dear Simasiku
we cannot give you an opportunity, you have to give you this opportunity yourself. Best wishes
Timmi Tillmann

24 11 2010
Clement Dongurum

I’m very impressed at the efforts you guys are marking in developing stakeholders’ knowledge and skills for effective service delivery across the world.
I need details of how to participate in the your up coming training courses, please.

28 01 2011
Zuhaib ul Hassan

I am Zuhaib ul Hassan from Youth forum— Empowering Youth for Peace and Development (EYPAD) Chakwal. We train the youth about latest technology so that they may spread message of peace. I am very happy to see the upcoming events. I really love to build my capacity and transfer it to others. I wanna be a part of these trainings. How can I do this?

Zuhaib ul Hassan

One way is to register for the upcoming training and you may be selected according to what you write about your experiences and your training needs, the other is to look for a sponsor to support travel and course costs.
Good luck
from the Core VIPP Trainer Group

6 04 2011

I am a Sudanese working with the Sudanese Association for Youth Development. The association has a number of Youth development Projects that needs Capacity building and other supports. Would you please add my name as a participant, because I need very much to receive such training. I would like to join the Training of VIPP Trainers (TOT) in the Black Forest – Germany.
I am working in an NGO for prevention of HIV/aids. I want to enhance my knowledge in some of your subjects like How to design, organize and run participatory conferences.
I also want to share my knowledge and experience in the field with other participants.

With my Respects

15 04 2011
Dorcas Amakobe

Hallo ladies and gentlemen,i came across your site when i was searching for courses to improve my work skills. I work for Moving the Goalposts a community based organisation that uses football to empower girls and young women through football, am impressed by the trainings you offer and i feel in my community mobilisation role, they will enable me to perform my work better. Am looking forward to your response when you will be announcing your trainings in Africa. Please keep me posted

6 12 2011
Mohammad nazar

Hello i am Mohammad Nazar from afghanistan, i came across your site when i was seeking for a courses to improve my workskills. i am working as a Social Mobilizer with FOCUS afghanistan bout i don’t have a good experince right now i think every one know about afghanistan problem hope that kindly help me and I also want to share my knowledge and experience in the field with other participants

22 12 2011
Dilbar Khan

I am Dilbar Khan from Quetta Pakistan and working with Mercy Corps Pakistan as a field officer (M&E) for Sindh and Balochistan provinces, seeking for a ToT or workshop to build my capacity and polish my expertise more to explore my services for the development of my communities.
I have got about 10 years experience in development sector with different Local, National and International Organizations in various fields (e.g) HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Drug Users, Injecting Drug Users, Research, Social Mapping, Social Networking, Organizational Networking, Monitoring & Evaluation, Field Supervision, Team Leading, Surveys etc.

VIPP Administrator
Please watch carefully the announcement of upcoming events and you may register to participate in any event.

29 04 2012
Lal muhammad toru distt mardan village toru mardan kpk pakistan mob#00923005720800

Me Lal muhammad khan toru from mardan KPK pakistan and working NCHD pakistan as a district programme manager mardan. 12 year experience in development sector. I am working IDPs & amp; Flood. I would like to join the Training of VIPP Trainers. I will be grateful if you gave me an opportunity to take part in the 2012 trainings.

Dear Lal Muhammad – if you are interested please register for our next training in October. You need to find funding for travel and the course fees, which include full board and lodging.

30 05 2012

It’s difficult to find knowledgeable people for this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

11 06 2012
Richard Shimwala

Immediately I came across about what you are doing, i got excited and realized that was what I needed to have. What you are doing is quite impressive. I need such kind of knowledge and skills for effective service delivery to the community where am working..
I need details of how to participate in your up coming training courses, please.

Richard, watch our website and get informed about upcoming training courses, or contact local networks of trainers and organise your own training.
Timmi Tillmann

31 10 2012
Dr. Peter Abas

Would you please tell me more about this VIPP Facilitators in June, 2013?
(Borneo Island)

Dear Peter
next year we will hold several training courses for VIPP – one in the Philippines at IIRR in Cavite – March 4 – 8 and a second one in the Black Forest early June. We welcome always facilitators and trainers who want to learn and improve their skills.

26 11 2012

I’m Ayo Gbadebo from Nigeria. I’m a partner with an NGO in Nigeria. We’ll like to attend a training session in Germany for 2013.
Kindly furnish me with details thru my mail address.
Thank you in anticipation.

Dear Ayo
It is always possible to join our training workshops if you can fulfill 3 conditions:
1. you want to practice what you learn and can explain us why you want to learn VIPP
2. you mobilise funding for your participation as you will need transport costs plus the registration fee (which includes full borad and lodging
3. you can convince the Embassy to give you a visa so that you can travel.
We wait for you to join the training courses.

8 01 2013
Muhammad Naseem Mughal

Dear Sir
Hi and Assalam-u-Alekum
My Name is Muhammad Naseem Mughal from Quetta Pakistan, belong with Organization for community Environment / Development and Awareness in Pakistan OCEDA Balochistan is an independent, non-profit, non-Government organization having a team of dedicated professionals giving their services in all over the country devoted to improving the quality of life for peoples by reviving and reinvigorating civil society.
HIV and AIDS Being a cross cutting issue is included in our program of sensitizing the community on the proper management of their resources.
I have visited your website and being interested to attend the HIV/AIDS COURSE under your program.I would like to apply for the coming workshop on HIV/AIDS
It is also requested you kind control that if posibal to conduct an Tranining Workshop in over city very nerest data of 2013.

Muhammad Naseem Mughal
Executive Director OCEDA Pak Balochistan.
Room No.1-3 Durrani Plaza upper story of Saheen Printing Press
Block 2 Satellite Town Quetta
9281-2453587, Cell 92333-7823136 Fax 92810211086

26 04 2013
Ronaldo Reario

Hi there. I am supposed to do the June 2013 offering at St. Ulrich Monastery but my work schedule clashed with the dates. Do you have another iteration in the second semester of the year? Thanks.

13 06 2013

Hi Ronaldo
next training workshops are in Philippines in November and in St. Ulrich in September 2014.

30 12 2013
Rose Meagie

Hi there my name Rose .Tanzanian Nurse working as Pediatric TB/HIV Nurse i wold like to attend your training but i need scholarships is it possible to find a sponsor from your side.

Dear Rose
we are trainers (not funders) and you need to find your own sponsor.

27 05 2014
Peter Abas

I would like to join the training in Manila, Nov 2014. How can i contact this place?

Dear Peter
this training is organised by the International Institute for Rural Reconstruction. Please contact http://www.iirr.org in Silang, Cavite, Philippines.
Take care

21 07 2014
Sajjad Nayyer

Hi. I am Sajjad Nayyer from Pakistan. I am working with Save the Children in USAID funded MCHIP (Mother & Child Health Integrated Project). I am looking forward a training on community participation/Community Development. Could you please let me know any upcoming event on this specific area?

Many Thanks

Dear Sajjad
every year we are organising VIPP Facilitation Training Courses – in the Black Forest (in September), in SE-Asia and in the Philippines (in November), and each participant contributes to the Training with his or her own agenda, how to facilitate a board meeting or how to facilitate a community future design workshop.
There is always a space throughout the training to develop a topic, an issue creatively and discuss it with all participants and with us as the Core VIPP Trainer Team.
Come and join our open community
Timmi Tillmann

8 10 2014
obby kabasa

My name is obby kabasa from zambia kapiri mposhi central province. I am a student at mulungushi university pursuing a B I R D and at the same time a ward councillor/civic leader representing more than 15000 people in a rural setup area where most of the people are vulnerable such that some fail to put up habitable housing units using local materials. Faced with this scenario i would be very interested in attending the VIPP workshop so that i can learn more techenics of building simple structures,crossing points and roads by using our local materials and train the community. Finally i would like to know if you can sponsor me or you can connect me to who would be sponsors so that i can attend the VIPP community practice workshop and keep on up dating me on the upcoming events.

Message: Dear Obby
our training courses focus on Group Facilitation, not on building houses or roads. With regard to sponsoring: we are a trainer community without funding, therefore we do not provide grants, but you may always ask international donor agencies to support you.

10 10 2014

We need update on 2015 conference/workshop

Dear Abdulganiy
we will post the announcement quite soon. Next VIPP Training in the Black Forest is from September 27th till October 2nd 2015 in St. Ulrich, Black Forest, SW-Germany.
Be aware that the process to obtain a visa is getting very difficult these times, except if you have institutional backing.
Take care

Timmi Tillmann

18 01 2015
Aung Aung

How to attend upcoming trainning in Myanmar?

Timmi – VIPP Core Team: Please, be attentive to the announcements about training courses on our blog. There is no plan yet, t have another VIPP Training, the last one happened in December 2014 in Yangon. We will plan to hold another training in SE-Asia and in Yangon this year.

29 02 2016

Dear Timmi, lovely to be in touch again after our VIPP TOT in 1995 which was truly a life changing experience for me. I would like to get engaged in any way again after nearly 23 years of using it in UNICEF. Let me know how I can support you…

Thank you for getting in touch – please help us to disseminate the announcements of our VIPP Trainings worldwide and if you want to organise a local VIPP, we can support you too.
Best regards
Timmi and Maruja

29 02 2016
Md Humayun Kabir

Thank you very much for the information about this VIPP upcoming training will be held on May 2016 at Black Forest, Germany. I want to participate but let me know the details. I am a civil engineer and working at Barisal City Corporation since last eleven years. I am continuously faced the city dwellers demand. Within this city corporation all types of work ( planning, design, implementation and supervision) are done by us. So this training is very much essential for me. So please inform me in detail.

Best Regards
Md Humayun Kabir,
Executive Engineer,
Barisal City Corporation,
Barisal, Bangladesh.
e- mail: humayun04323@yahoo.com

We offer training courses in different parts of the world in English, Spanish and German. You may register for the training, but we do not offer grants, as we are a group of trainers who offer our skills to interested persons, who share our values of democratic decision making. You need to fund visa, travel, and course fees.

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