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“Workshopping” is a specific method to generate knowledge/wisdom of a group of people experienced in a specific “know-how” at the village level. It is a way of inviting a group of practitioners in one area of knowledge to reflect upon the specific “know-how” each individual possesses. The group dynamic that takes place in “workshopping” resembles the process of knowledge generation. It is facilitated by a cluster of questions that the participants elaborate visually and orally during a minimum time frame of 3 days.

Examples of the questions are as follows:
1. What do I know? How do I explain and present knowledge to others? (As well as other questions about personal awareness of individual knowledge.)
2. From whom did I acquire this knowledge? How did I learn it and when did I gain consciousness about my new capacity or skill? To whom would I transmit this knowledge?
3. What changes have I experienced in the application of my knowledge field? How do I see the future of my “know-how”?

Other questions may relate to the role of knowledge in a community.

“Workshopping” is a method that provides a deeper understanding of how knowledge is embedded in society. It creates a positive atmosphere of dialogue, since each participant presents, gradually, in his/her terms, the domain of knowledge that he/she practices. At the same time, it involves an opportunity of an encounter in which multiple intelligences are expressed and this affirms and renews cultural values.

In short, “workshopping” is a method that encourages everyone to think about his/her knowledge field and bring about a sense of mutual respect among the participants who might feel motivated to engage in a common set of activities. I facilitate “workshopping” as part of an approach of affirmation of cultures which relies on the development of skills and capacities of a group of people that are inherent within a community.

Maruja Salas


One response

17 08 2009
Willem Vandergeest

Great to see the impact of your work. Trust you are moving VIPP to a high level // W.

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