VIPP Manual in Spanish

16 09 2011

The newly edited Spanish VIPP Manual has been published in Quito Ecuador in a lovely designed edition with support from Intercooperation from Switzerland. In 2013 a reprint was done, so again copies are available.
Copies can be ordered from Timmi Tillmann at Tillmann2003(at)


Web Resources for Facilitation Material (Cards – Pinboards)

12 02 2007

Facilitators who look for visualisation material and pinboards may check out the following web-pages either to order material or to obtain ideas about existing models, shapes, costs, etc.

Concerning the founders of facilitation with visualisation in Germany, go to the website of Metaplan: . Metaplan does not produce materials with their brand name but has created a special company by the name of NITOR to provide materials. See:

For a description of Metaplan, please go to a webpage highlighting the elements of this approach: . On this website there is also a description of various methods like brainstorming and mind mapping, as well as other approaches such as action learning, appreciative inquiry, Delphi and others.

NITOR has excellent visualisation boxes but it is Neuland who produce the best Pinboards. Neuland has subsidiary companies worldwide. You may check out:
In German:
In English – UK:
In English – US:
South Africa:
It is possible to download their online catalogue in English.

As these companies produce material for industrial use at management level for adult education centers in Europe and nowadays also for universities and for public administration, the costs are high. Pinboards can cost about 250 Euro each. A visualisation toolkit (box with all materials) costs up to 400 Euro.

However, from local manufacturers in China or Thailand pinboards and toolkits may cost only 100 Euro or less. We will soon post a contribution in this site which will document local production of such materials known to us and give contact details.

Then there are more providers of facilitation material (Moderationsmaterialien) in Germany, some having only German sites. or (a subsidiary company for facilitation and adult education of the German company for office material supplier Edding).

We invite you to write about your experiences of organising and acquiring visualisation material and how you may be able to offer a supply of the necessary materials to others.

Timmi Tillmann

Below is the photo of a basket made of bamboo by Lahu craftsmen in Northern Thailand and filled with hand made paper from Paper Mulberry in different shapes and colors. We have a new supply of baskets in Germany – you may order the fully equipped baskets by writing to me (Tillmann2003(at)

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