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This Community of Practice was established by a core group of VIPP facilitators and trainers. It offers a space for exchange and consultation about facilitation for fellow facilitators worldwide. The members of the VIPP Community of Practice share the same practice of facilitation, even if they work in different fields.

The process of this Community of Practice involves participants getting in touch through peer contacts and the sharing of experiences through this website and through e-mails. The advantage of such a network is that it crosses institutional, national and cultural boundaries and can become an innovative space. The Community of Practice has an administrator linked to designated facilitators who provide new material on-line, send out key questions, post the answers to challenges, and motivate network members to communicate regularly.

VIPP facilitation is an established approach that has been disseminated since 1992, and has been institutionalised in a number of countries and organizations. It has become popular within development circles, with many practitioners using it in one form or other. So we are now creating a Community of Practice for VIPP, linked to the website of VIPP and this manual, published by Southbound, Malaysia.

We welcome you to contact us at:



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7 02 2007

Pamela Reitemeier – St. Albans, UK

Great news that the VIPP manual and website are now available. Fantastic work! Have been waiting for both as I am using VIPP all the time in my training/consultancy work in the UK and Europe. The website has already answered many of my questions and the VIPP Forms, Tips and Tricks are great. Well done to all concerned! Warm greetings to VIPPers around the globe!

Jan 25, 9:27 PM —

7 02 2007

Caroline den Dulk – Hanoi, Vietnam

Fully agree with Pamela that this is very welcome news. Having found my ground in UNICEF Viet Nam, I actually just planned for a ToF for the office in 2007. UNICEF VN is in forefront of UN reform (Communciaiton even more) and in this Change Management process there is and will be need for good and participatory facilitation. Looking forward to hook up with people though this community site as well. Congratulations!

Jan 25, 10:22 PM

7 02 2007

Agnes Guyon – Washington, DC |

Not only great to have the new book, but been able to contact friends and facilitators is an additional PLUS…

Jan 25, 11:20 PM —

7 02 2007

Barbara Whitney – Baltimore, MD, USA

Congrats to Timmi, Maruja, Nuzhat, Neill and Chin! Thanks for nurtuing the network with new resources and updating the manual. Look forward to reading the book, contributing to the COP and reconnecting with fellow vippers. Warmest wishes to all.

Jan 27, 3:46 AM

7 02 2007

Antje Becker-Benton – Kampala, Uganda

Congratulations! And how timely, the publication of the new manual! This will come in very handy during the VIPP masters training we are planning for early March with Timmi and Maruja for the staff of the Uganda Health Marketing Group.

The website is really a great resource. The different VIPP applications already inspire ideas on how to develop an HIV/AIDS Anti Retroviral Therapy comic with the Ugandan army.

And after all these compliments a little caveat: I felt like jumping through hoops while trying to figure out how and where to leave my comment. Any chance to improve the user friendliness here?

Best and greetings,
Antje Becker-Benton (AFFORD Communication Advisor on behalf of CCP in Uganda).

Jan 30, 5:17 PM

7 02 2007

Violet Mugisa – Kampala, Uganda

VIPP is my companion, my friend and my wonder world. The boring, long, non-interactive hours of sitting and urguing, hours of scripting papers and reading my opinions to other was my way of life; but now, liberated am I. With VIPP I have facilitated all folks of life from Professors of the Ivory Tower to members of parliament to women and children who cannot read and write. In fact, I have refused to learn how to use power point and LCD, because I found them disempowering with only one person having access to the infomation while others just recieve. VIPP is my employer, I just pick my VIPP suitcase and there I am reducing stress and creating meaningful interaction and results-oriented meetings. I have gone commercial with VIPP, I have secured a machine that cuts all card shapes and packs them, I can also provide a wooden case for packing. For eight years now I have been a freelance, participatory development facilitator using VIPP to empower people, especially women and children, but also the academic world in Uganda and development world worldwide. With VIPP you can never go wrong. I have no regrets either.

Thank you initiators, thank you Neill Mckee who introduced VIPP to me.

I am Violet Mugisa

Jan 31, 12:07 AM

7 02 2007

Tim Rwabuhemba – UNAIDS, PNG

Congratulations! Another big achievement. Not suprising though because of the steel determination, strong passion, and commitment to the ‘VIPP movement” by Neill and the other team members. We also will do our part by planting the VIPP seeds in Melonesia.

Feb 1, 5:05 PM

7 02 2007

Edson Whitney – Baltimore, MD, USA

This is great and the website is a wonderful quick and easy resource as well as a ready reference and quick primer for all those who haven’t had the experience of VIPP. This website is worth a thousand words of trying to convince the uninitiated about the value of VIPP. Well done and I look forward to the actual Manual!

Feb 4, 9:19 PM

7 02 2007

Richard Mabala – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Hip hip for VIPP! For those of us who have been a bit out of touch recently, i.e. where there is no real VIPP community, it is really wonderful to get a chance to tap into the latest thinking and ideas and be able to interact with the wider VIPP community. Next step is to VIPP the internet. (clustering of websites, colour codes etc)

All the very best.

Feb 4, 9:35 PM

7 02 2007

Kristina Wimberley – Copenhagen

Congratulations on a job well done! I found a lot of inspiration from the website. I also found the instructions on the community of practice site clear. There do tend to be many repetitions in the text when I navigate through the links. But of course there is a risk in deleting valuable information if people don’t go exactly where you expect them to. You might consider a link from the “tips and tricks” (under the community of practice/categories) to the many “tips and tricks” on the main VIPP website page. When I went to it, I got an “error” message. Or is that because you will download specific tips from the facilitators?

Keep up the good VIPP work!

Feb 5, 11:27 PM

8 02 2007
Amélia Russo de Sa - Tunisia

Congratulations, Neill and all the team. This is good news. The website is well done and is a great ressource. It is superb to interact with the VIPP community !
Personnally I am so happy to be able to be in touch with former colleagues, Neill, Richard, Caroline, Nuzhat, with who I learned so much on VIPP applications and thanks to whom I became a VIPP facilitator. Warm regards to all from Tunisia (where I am since may 2006, with UNICEF, always).
Salutations amicales. Cheers.

10 02 2007
Neill McKee - Moscow

Hello Amelia! This site is obviously a good connector for all those who have been trained in VIPP or interested in VIPP. I did not know where you were.
Cheers, Neill
Healthy Russia, 2020 – CCP

11 02 2007
Nuzhat Shahzadi- Colombo, Sri Lanka

Hi Amelia,

Good to connect with you and all fellow VIPPERs! I am now working with Unicef Sri Lanka and extensively using VIPP in regular and emergency programmes.
Best wishes,

13 02 2007
Caroline den Dulk - Hanoi, Vietnam

Hi there Amelia – and all the others! indeed great to catch up with all of you and hopefully have a chance to learn again more from your experiences. Will keep you updated on the progress we make with the first VIPP ToF here in-house in UNICEF Vietnam.

23 02 2007
Ara Gena Martinez-Dominican Republic-Latin American Region-USA

Great news! I knew you were out there doing something like this. I look forward to communicating with you through this resource…there is so much to be learn!!! so much to be done!!! I checked the website and love the path this is taking. I continue working on my VIPP project and hope to improve it greatly through continued interaction with groups (an what a wonderful one this is!
Hi Neill (never believed you were going to retire, remember Quito?). Hi Maruja, I look up to you, how is everything going with you? Hi Timmi, it is so good to know you are out there doing god stuff! I will keep in touch. CONGRATULATIONS and Thanks for so much! I have been having so much fun with VIPP during the last 11 years!

10 07 2007
Dr. M. M. Sheikh

Today first time I found a good website related to VIPP through CEC-IUCN newsletter. Congratulation. I am also engaged in participatory training. I feel happy if you provide me an opportunity to visit in your prestigious centre.

29 08 2008
Antje Becker-Benton

Hello and greetings from Addis.

I am looking for fellow Vippers in Ethiopia. I am currently working at the AIDS Resource Center, a project of the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs.

Best for now,

22 06 2010
Isabelle Lemaire

Great to see this VIPP sharing platform up!

Anyway to add a RSS feed to the page or daily digest sent via email?


8 06 2012
Violet Mugisa

Lovely to hear from you all and all your work with VIPP, How wonderful it would be to get together and share experiences. Who can bring us together? How would it be done? We need a little get together facilitated by one organization, we need physical sharing, Neill, Nuzhat, Mabala, Tillmann, Maruja, Caroline den Dulk. Oh my list is endless. Lovely to hear from you all

Violet Mugisa Uganda

Welcome more comments about our next VIPP Summit

29 01 2017
Nahid Mirghani

Dear Violet,
Greetings from Sudan,

Good ideas as usual, I am sure with the team you are going to do well
Please share your e-mail for further communication


23 06 2012
Dr Usha Chauhan

I am also getting benefit from this site for handling my projects
Usha Chauhan India

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