Dialogue on Visualisation in Participatory Programmes (VIPP)

10 07 2013

Invitation to join the VIPP Dialogue

Over the past 22 years, Visualisation in Participatory Programmes (VIPP) has been used in many communication and education programmes around the world as a toolkit for participatory planning and training, as well as partnership building for many development programmes. The VIPP methodology breaks down formal “seminar culture” and is adaptable for use with almost any framework. The VIPP process empowers people as it creates opportunities to express ideas, values individual experiences and inspires participants to contribute at optimal levels.  Since 1991, VIPP has been applied successfully in programmes and events in Asia, the South Pacific, Latin America, Africa, Europe, and North America, including the development and design of regional communication initiatives; youth programmes; many public health programmes, including HIV/AIDS; life skills building and gender equity programmes; training on Participatory Learning and Action; supporting democratization of food sovereignty at regional and global levels; programmes in agriculture, fisheries, the environment; learning methodology for emergencies and humanitarian responses; and in other social and economic development programmes around the world.

The VIPP network is holding a future dialogue on the experiences in the use of Visualisation in Participatory Programmes (VIPP) in order to energize users of VIPP methods to share resources for further application, either as independent facilitators and trainers or members of organizations and networks. The network coordinators believe this is very important for the further development and sustainability of the VIPP methodology. The hope is to get major inputs from practicing VIPP facilitators and trainers around the world during July to September 2013 which will help complete the paper on the “State-of-the-Art of VIPP”. Participants will then receive this paper in January 2014, for final input in preparation for a Global VIPP Summit during June 20-22, 2014 in Southern Germany. The hope is that a core group of people who have contributed to this dialogue will be able to attend. The purpose of the Summit will be to answer questions and issues that cannot be settled electronically.

Interested facilitators and trainers, who want to contribute to the future dialogue, should contact:  Neill McKee (nmckee20(at)gmail.com) and/or Timmi Tillmann (timmitillmann(at)googlemail.com).  

Neill McKee (Canada), Timmi Tillmann (Germany)




One response

31 07 2013
Gunter Heidrich

Does anybody know about a French version of the VIPP Manual (UNICEF, Bangladesh) or any other useful French VIPP guidelines?

Yes, there is a French version published by Unicef in the late 90s.

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